Healthy Tips for Visitors

Rwanda’s Health is highly facilitated by World Health Organization and other NGOs to save the life of citizens in Rwanda. They provide training to nurses, sanitarians. Organizations of public health services also received assistance from WHO. Health in Rwanda has been a serious issue. Several organizations in campaigned so much against small pox, malaria and tuberculosis.

Most of the Rwanda Health programs are coordinated by government with assistance of health organizations’. They provide fund along with UNICEF and UN Food and Agricultural Organization for maternal and child health program. Medical students from Rwanda receive training from these Health organizations’. The government is trying to resolve problems regarding health in Rwanda.

The medical facilities of Rwanda have improved. The services provided by the hospitals and health centers are promising though not yet to the Western health care standard. The treatment is not very reliable and above all some of the medicines are rare, if not unavailable. So Rwanda Vaccines are the most important way to get prevented against diseases.

Rwanda Vaccines should be taken against the prevalent diseases in Rwanda such as Malaria, Typhoid and Malarone etc. Travelers are requested to be vaccinated to be safe. Vaccines in Rwanda are provided against diseases like:

Tetanus-diphtheria: One should be re vaccinated every 10 years.

Measles, mumps and rubella: People born after 1965 should have two doses.

Rabies: It is recommended for travelers in direct touch with animals.

Polio: Adults who didn’t have polio vaccine are recommended one time booster.

Hepatitis B: Travelers who are in contact with local residents must get this vaccine.

Meningococcus: All travelers should get vaccinated against this disease.

Yellow Fever: It is also suggested fro all travelers.

Typhoid: All travelers should be vaccinated against this disease.

Hepatitis A: It is recommended for all travelers too.

The local people as well as the travelers should be vaccinated against all these diseases. Vaccines in Rwanda are easily available. The government and other organizations are trying to provide vaccines against various diseases so that the health problems in Rwanda can be solved.
As Medical Facilities of Rwanda are sub standard travelers are advised to have a medical insurance to be on the safe side.


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