Security & Safety

The police form a chief aspect of law enforcement in the country. The police in Rwanda are the chief authoritative body of the country. Besides investigating criminal affairs, the Rwanda police are also responsible for prevention of crimes and maintenance of peace and security in several parts of Rwanda endowed with tourist attraction.  Gorilla Tours

Having the authority to make arrests, the Rwandan police are an efficient body in the country. Violence between the Hutus and the Tutsis is a regular affair in Rwanda. The police of Rwanda thus have to be alert and active in order to prevent crimes and violence from occurring.

Rwanda police can charge people on the basis of the requisite amount of proofs. From locals to senior officials, everyone is equal in the eyes of Rwandan law. Therefore the police do not make any kind of discrimination. The principal objective of the police in Rwanda is to maintain a peaceful atmosphere and look after the security and safety of the citizens and visitors of the country.

Police training in Rwanda is provided to nationals. The National Rwanda Police officers hold an important position in the system of the law and order in the country. They are the protectors of law and order in the country.



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