Golden Monkey Tracking In Rwanda

Remarkable Rwanda is not only popular for its tremendous mountain gorillas, but as a home for tourists to strike their imaginations with golden monkeys. These endemic creatures have a striking golden hair coat which depicts their name and offer the perfect photo taking experiences for visitors. Golden monkey trekking is not as popular as such since gorilla trekking is widely known to visitors who get into Rwanda however, tracking these tremendous creatures in the wild equally rewards with remarkable experiences of life time.

In Rwanda, golden monkey trekking is only done in Volcanoes National Park and it one of the most exciting activities that you should include in your safari. Golden monkeys are endangered primates and they are endemic to only the Virunga complex that stretches to Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Golden monkey experience only takes place within Uganda and Rwanda where tourists can catch a glimpse of these tremendous species in the wild. These striking creatures live in the stunning bamboo forest just at the foothills of the Volcano Massifs. Tracking these species is easier since they can be sighted while feeding on the bamboo shoot. Golden monkeys move in troops of hundreds and in Volcanoes National Park, there are only 2 habituated groups of golden monkeys that are set for tracking and the largest population can be tracked in Sabyinyo Volcano that comprises of 80 to 100 individuals making it the most tracked area in the park.

Golden monkey tracking permits:

Just like any primate experience, a permit is a must to have if you are interested in tracking these tremendous species. Tourists need to know that the cost of Rwanda golden monkey permits is never the same throughout since Rwanda government keeps changing its tariffs. For travelers who wish to catch a glimpse at these striking primates, the permits are obtainable at $100 per visitor. This cost incorporates park fees, striking experience within one hour with habituated golden monkeys, security from ranger guides. The trek takes nearly half a day and the number of tourists is not restricted like mountain gorilla tracking. However, eight tourists can track habituated golden monkey group and in order to have a longer travel experiences in Rwanda it is better if you combined your gorilla safari with golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park. Tracking these fascinating creatures is only done once in a day just like any activities in the park. Tourists are however tasked to check in at Kinigi park headquarters at around 7:00 am for an early morning orientation by park official and then set off to track these creatures.

What to bring:

Don’t carry everything in the house, you only need to know the kind of activity that you are to engage in that is why, hiking shoes, rain jacket, drinking water and camera without a flash are the most important items for you to be able to enjoy the thrilling experience.

The Lodging facilities:

There is no need to worry about where to spend a night after or before you encounter these striking species in the jungles since there are numerous accommodation facilities that you can make your best choice. There are hotels and camps, some of these accommodation facilities are located within just five minutes’ walk to departure area for visitors to go for their activities in the national park. You can spend a night in any of hotels around Kinigi or musanze which are close to the national park. There are high class facilities, five star lodges whose rooms cost around $500 to $900 per visitor per night; standard luxury facilities comprise of 3.5 to 4 star lodges whose price ranges from $300 to $500; mid range accommodation are mainly 2 to 3 star and they cost nearly $100 to 290 per traveler; budget facilities that are mostly within the travelers pocket.

In conclusion, golden monkey trekking is another most thrilling experience that tourists that come for mountain gorillas must not miss out in life. Interested travelers can also combine golden monkey trekking with gorilla trekking safaris in Rwanda.


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