How to Avoid Hidden Rwanda Car Rental Charges

Even though you have bought your own insurance, it is important to be aware of any hidden car rental charges. Sometimes tourists find exhorbitant bills after renting their car, However most of these bills could have been avoided if you were in the know of what to expect. In most cases, the bills of hiring a car cab be kept low and if you are wondering how you can do it, this article is worthy reading. At the end of this article, you will learn that some costs and charges can be beaten if you take up some precautions and also put some key aspects in car hire into consideration.

First of all when hiring a car in Rwanda, use a car hire company that has a particular price for car hire services. They should have a general price including all expenses one may incur while driving the car in Rwanda. If you go by that agreement with the car hire company, you cannot incur extra charges.

Furthermore you should choose a car from the fleet of cars offered by the car hire agency that fits your bill. Always look for cheap cars if they can do the same job like a luxury. For example, if you are going for a city tour in Kigali then why not use a compact car other than luxury car like an SUV.

When renting a car, choose a company that projects or advises you on your fuel consumption while driving in Rwanda since in most cases it will be you responsible for buying the fuel on your journey. So a good company will give an insight on how much you may spend on journey and advise on which fuel filling stations you can use. This makes you budget for the amount of money you are going to use on fuel other than reaching in the middle of the journey you do not know how much fuel is charged per litre on fuel station at times end up being overcharged since some fuel station charge highly compared to others.

Choose a car hire tariff plan that suits your needs. There are various car hire payment-plans that are offered by the car hire provider that is per day charges and per hour charges. So if you are going to use a car for a short time then you should choose a per hour payment plan and vice versa.  Every payment is more favorable than the other according to the corresponding situation.

You should never hire a car in Rwanda before asking about the security deposit. Most competent car hire put up security deposit fee but if anything does not go wrong like damages you are refunded your money. The deposit money is money that acts as backup in case of any damage that may occur which is beyond the insurance coverage.


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