For Gorilla Tours – Visit Rwanda.

Are you thinking of meeting the gorilla up close? Rwanda is the ideal place for gorilla tours. Rwanda is a very peaceful country with hospital people full of joy and willing to make friends with any interesting person. It is among the cleanest countries in the Africa with a well organized political, social and economic system that make the gorilla trackers to enjoy their stay with ease. It has fine restaurants for dining and classy hotels where tourist can stay comfortably while taking gorilla tours.

Rwanda makes it easier for every gorilla lover as gorilla tours in Rwanda are affordable and they can appeal to everybody whether budget, mid range or high end. There are gorilla tour packages for everyone provided by local tour agencies that can be contacted through the internet.

While in Rwanda for a gorilla tour, one is able to meet the gorillas with ease as the gorilla tracker has to take a short distance to reach the mountain gorillas in their natural environment at volcanoes national park on Virunga ranges in Musanze district. It is actually a two hours drive to reach the home of the mighty mountain gorillas.

Rwanda has almost a third of the world’s mountain gorilla population of 320 out of the 880 and the rest are found in Uganda and DR. Congo. Gorillas in Rwanda are found in bamboo and montane forests in Virunga ranges. This makes Rwanda the easiest place spot a gorilla as the rest of the places in the countries where the mountain gorillas are found have very dense tropical rain forests making it so hard to see the gorillas at times. In Rwanda, gorilla tours are carried out through the year, so one can visit Rwanda at anytime to watch the gorillas in their natural setting.

These gorilla tours in Rwanda are organized in such a way that one can enjoy watching the gorillas in style as one travels in 4×4 safari vehicle that is very comfortable and also sleep and dines in very class hotels and eco lodges. There are also other attractions that one can encounter at the gorilla tours in Rwanda like the golden monkeys at the basement of the volcanoes national park, the culture village town in Musanze district where one is able to observe the African culture through the cultural dances and traditional ritual and practices. On the gorilla tours one can opt to take a Kigali city tour as he/she visits the historical sites in the city like the genocide memorial, the parliament and the market place where one can go for curios shopping.

Taking a gorilla tour makes one find a second home in Africa as the people of Rwanda are very charming and friendly to everyone they meet and the climate too is very favorable to human living.


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