Things to Do

There are several things to do in Rwanda. From the popular adventures such as gorilla trekking to leisurely holidays, there are lots of adventure activities that you can undertake during your holiday in Rwanda.

Rwanda’s dramatic mountains also provide a stunning backdrop for a weekend Getaway. Breathe in the crisp mountain air while enjoying shimmering views of nearby lakes, and the call of birds in the treetops.

Water sports and lake activities including fishing, kayaking, canoeing and adventurous boat rides on Lake Kivu, Lake Muhazi and Lake Ihema are great activities for the whole family.
Leisurely bike rides alongside the Nyarutarama Lake in Kigali and through the city quiet neighborhoods’ including the tree-lined streets of Kiyovu can occupy a relaxed and sunny afternoon.

There are plenty to offer to its tourists though it is a land locked country. In the past few years, Rwanda has emerged as a major tourist destination. There are several things to do in Rwanda that make a vacation to this African nation a really memorable one.

Kigali, being the capital of Rwanda, is the major tourist hub of the country. This thriving town with a large population is a home to many historical sites, museums, events and shopping malls, places of attraction and restaurants that provide a wide range of interesting activities for the tourists.

The large number of shopping malls and the wide options for an exciting nightlife add a special touch to this small African country. The varied holiday activities of Rwanda keep the travelers engaged and allow them to relax at the end of a tiresome day. Rwanda may be referred to as a paradise of natural, historical and architectural beauty all combined into one.


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