Kigali Nightlife

This is a great way to experience the disco and bar culture of Rwanda. With plenty of things to do in Rwanda, the nightlife is entirely different and a cool way to hang out in the hip-hop bars and discos in Rwanda. There are plenty of places to stopover for a quick drink and majority of the foreigners will love the music and nightlife of Rwanda. Certain venues even give the chance to enjoy live performances with thrilling music and chilling drinks.
Bars, discos, cafes and cinemas are the various options to enjoy the nightlife in Rwanda. The capital city, Kigali offers the best night out experience as most of the modern discs and bars are situated in this part of the city. Apart from the exotic food items one can enjoy some great feet tapping music and chilling drinks at these night clubs. The specialty of these clubs lies in their awesome musical performances along with the assortment of various drinks. These nightclubs of Rwanda are major crowd pullers.

Bars, clubs and casinos include:

Chez Lando
Remera Kigali; Tel: +250 25258205
Chez Robert Bar
Kiyovu, Kigali (across from Hotel Mille Collines)
Tel: +250 252575573

Le Plein Midi
Remera Kigali (behind chez Lando)
Tel: +250 252574718

Oasis Bar
Tel: +250 252583497
Papyrus Lounge, Kimihurura, Kigali; Mobile: +250 788308970.
Email:, www.
Kimihurura Kigali
Mobile: +250 788406952

Virunga Sports Bar
Nyarutarama Kigali (MTN Centre)
Mobile: +250788300005/78307250


Casino Kigali
Top Tower Hotel, Kacyiru
Mobile: +250 788306959

Night clubs
Black& White Club, (Alpha Palace Hotel)
Mobile: +250 78525960

Evolve, (One Love complex)

Fair Place
Kiyovu Kigali

New Cadillac Tel: +250 252511622

Kacyiru (KBC)
Mobile: +250788300002


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