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The most common mediums of entertainment followed by the natives of Rwanda include socializing with family and friends, poetry recitation and story telling. Kinya-rwanda a special form of poetry contest is extremely common among the cattle herders. Children enjoy riddles and playing various indoor and outdoor games.
There activities that forms an integral part of Rwanda culture. Traditional recreational activities along with the modern sports form the very core of sports and recreational activities in Rwanda. The Rwandan Ministry of Youth and Sports provides maximum support for improving the sports and entertainment culture of Rwanda. The Ministry also organizes various sports tours from time-to-time where the budding players are allowed to showcase their talents.

Soccer (Football) is the national game of the country and the Rwandans have taken part and competed in various African Nations cups. The second popular sport of Rwanda is basketball. Track and field events are also very popular among the Rwandans and the students of Rwanda have considerably made their mark in track events internationally.

Sports and entertainment options in Rwanda are many and they are distributed all over the country.


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