Shopping in Rwanda

This is an integral part of vacationing in this African country. Shopping is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Rwanda. The travelers can buy various local handmade varieties of craft wares and basketwork as these make excellent buys. One can also buy different types of household items, ceramic work items, ivory items, wood-carved articles and an exquisite range of paintings by local artists.

Most of the shops in Rwanda are open from Monday to Friday and the shopping hour is usually from the morning to late evening. The shops again open in the evening and remain opened till late evening. During Saturdays, some shops remain open from 08.30 to 12.30. Currency exchange transactions have to be done through the main bank branch and forex bureau of Kigali.

Credit cards are not readily accepted by the shop owners in Rwanda. So it is advisable that tourists carry cash or else traveler’s cheque either in US dollars or in Euros.

Rwanda shopping has a typical ethnic charm and the local shops offer quality items at reasonable rates. While shopping in Rwanda, one can buy fine pieces of artwork, traditional jewelries and costumes and take them back as a memorabilia of their tour.


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