Exploring Karongi

If you are looking for the perfect places to spend your holiday while on Rwanda safari then Karongi should be a must to include in your bucket list. Karongi features among the most famous areas especially for local and international travelers as it is regarded as the most reachable resort town by visitors from Kigali. Kibuye is a city within Karongi town and a capital of west province in the remarkable Rwanda. It is situated along the eastern shore of Lake Kivu nearly halfway down and between Rubavu and Cyangugu. This area is famous as a beach resort and it is credited for the dramatic genocide memorial sites and a visit to this town rewards you with breathtaking experiences as you can be in position to explore in depth about the Rwanda genocide that took place between the Tutsis and Hutus around 1994.

The landscape in Kibuye is exceptionally the rarest as it comes with several most stunning hills that feature most of the trees like the pines and eucalyptus. The tree species in the Kibuye comes with magnificent surrounding that is worth catching a glimpse. Karongi town is remarkably the best tourist site that you shouldn’t miss to visit especially for water sporting experiences, hiking and community based tourism. For visitors on Rwanda safari to Karongi town, you will have opportunity to explore variety of rare tourist attractions most of which include the magnificent Lake Kivu islands (swimming and Lake Kivu island safaris), bird watching in the islands, coffee and tea experiences.

Lake Kivu is also bordered by the stunning mountains and has breathtaking green water. This Lake extends up to 2700 kilometers and stands at height of 1460 meters above sea level. Nearly 110 kilometers from Kigali to Karongi is paved and the road is in its better state.

Karongi is therefore one of the most interesting places that you should consider visiting for relaxation and chilling as it is perfect for one to chill around the Lakeside. There are also numerous ample beaches that come with crystal clear water. As well, this town features most of the modern water sport facilities, traditional boats that you can use to explore the surrounding areas. You can also take a boat cruise from most of the local hotels and then pay a visit to Napoleon Island-the famous refuge to a colony of fruit bats and have dinner at Amahoro Island restaurants or challenge yourself with fishing adventure together with the locals.

A visit to this district also rewards you with lifetime experiences especially with hikes on the Congo Nile trails, pay a visit to the Congo Nile Divide watershed, have fresh cup of coffee and tea in the surrounding community or explore the Bisesero genocide memorial site as you catch amazing views of the Lake.

In conclusion, Karongi is undeniably one of the most remarkable tourist sites that shouldn’t miss out in your bucket list. If you are planning to have your next vacation in Rwanda Karongi should one of a must to visit tourist places for you to have variety of experiences.


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